Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Celebration Remembering the Interns, Soldiers of the Studio

Enjoy your Memorial Day. This year we start a new tradition, remembering the Soldiers of the Studio.... The Interns.

We remember the interns who have journeyed thousands of miles to make coffee, water plants and vacuum which makes our studio that much more enjoyable for all who come.  Those who come to have their ego stripped away to serve the good of the Artist Community.  These fearless souls whose watchful eyes and sensing ears come to learn a craft where the only reward may be the excitement of being at an incredible performance.  They are the ones we pass on our decades of experience where in we relive and embed what we know. 

Sure, we watch them make the same mistakes we did whether it's placing a microphone inside the piano with the brick on the pedal or unplugging the power supply before turning off the preamps.  Yes, we get a few laughs when one of them tries to do a rough mix or figure out how to punch in on analog tape.  Of course, we roll our eyes when a newbie says "I've got ProTools Certification".  But in the end, we are all family, we all contribute.  No less important is the intern who learns to open the sliding glass door than the oerson sitting behind the console.  Both have the power to completely f*&k up a session... or make it a happy lifetime experience for the Artist.

We wonder where many of you are, our Soldiers of the Studio.  Please tell us what you are doing?  Where you are living?  And any memories you might have from your experiences at OTR.

And Artists, if you have an experience to share that you remember from being at OTR with a particular experience, please chime in.

Once you've been at OTR Studios, you are family.

Happy Memorial Day!  Thanks for the Memories!
Cookie Marenco

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