Monday, July 07, 2008

New Website with Enhanced Features and Services at OTR

We wanted to announce our new website at and especially our CD Quality Download section. Once again, Patrick is doing a terrific job with website improvements. We hope to continually release full album downloads at our site of projects recorded at OTR or by me.

Most of you know that we're still recording on 2" tape or using DSD digital and the quality of sound is wonderful. Each month we'll feature a reissue or new recording from our OTR artists and hope you enjoy the experience. These are NOT mp3's or lossless FLAC. There are real wav files at 44.1 16bit. You can burn a cd and hear the mixes as the artist and producer intended.

Most of you know my feelings about mp3.... they have a place (usually in the trash after I've listened to the demo). Our downloadable wav files will open in Itunes, Windows Media, etc. No player required.

Our first featured artists are Jenna Maminna and Jane Selkye. Of course, the Blue Coast Collection is there to checkout also (if you haven't already). Click on the album cover and you'll get to a page to audition all the songs. The reissued albums from Jenna and Jane are two of my favorites. OTR Classic recordings and shouldn't be overlooked. If you are an artist who would like a CD quality download page on your site, tied into your paypal account, called us for details at the studio. Our expanded studio services now include website building and management. If you're an artist who has previously recorded at OTR and would like your album featured in an upcoming month, please call us for more details!

Each album has a comment section for fan thoughts or band memories of the session. Would love to have you comment if you were at the sessions! Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Abi Roberts' "Beached"

We're putting the finishing touches on a project for Abi Roberts (, a very talented singer/comedian who has been touted as the "British Bette Midler". Selections from the recording will be included in her upcoming comedic short film "Beached" ( as well as a full lenth album to be released later in the year.

The Film, shot entirely on location in Las Vegas, will feature covers of several Bette Midler favorites including From a Distance, Wind Beneath My Wings and Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. Her own songs, Turn Out the Lights and Gay Best Friend, are not to be missed!

Roberts' producer, musical director and keyboardist Eamonn Flynn, formerly of The Commitments, assembled a team of world class musicians for the recording including drummer Billy Johnson (Patti LaBelle, Maze, Santana), bassist Jamie Brewer (Michelle Shocked) and guitarist Todd Swenson. On backup vocals, we welcomed our friends, Larry Batiste, Jeannie Tracy and Claytoven Richardson along with many of the Big Bang Beat musicians. A surprise appearance from Dennis Crapass had the crew crying for mercy!

The music was recorded entirely to 2" analog tape by OTR's senior engineer (as well as owner and founder), Cookie Marenco. The level of performance combined with stellar sound will make this an audiophile favorite.

Miss Roberts' returned to Los Angeles on Tuesday for a round of stand-up comedy gigs. OTR will finish up the mastering in house, with Marenco overseeing the process. Patrick O'Connor will be using his graphic skill for the CD cover and digital downloads, all part of OTR's expanded services.

More to come!