Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Service Offer CD Quality Downloads on YOUR site to YOUR account!

Downloads Now!

Here's the basic template for the landing page to Downloads Now!

You choose ...
The price of the download...
What to download (cd quality or higher downloads, 1 or more files (not larger than 50 megs per file), videos, 1 song or whole album)
The colors and customization.. (add photos and logos to the page)
How often you want to add a song to the page...

Then, send the link with your newsletter/gig listings to
Your mailing list, myspace, facebook and make sure to have your webmaster link with a menu item on your webpage!

We customize the landing page,
Associate it with your paypal account,
Add the files each month (additional charge based on size of file),
Link back to your home website,
And host the audio for one year.

Here's an example of a simple Downloads Now! page

Why wait for the disc to be done when you can upload immediately...
This is a recent example of a full album

We have services for mastering to optimize audio for the internet (helpful for live concerts, home recordings, outtakes, etc),
Press release creation and submission,
Newsletter management and sending,
Creating new pages or a new website for your mailing list subscribers.

give a call if you have any questions...
650 595 8475