Saturday, May 30, 2009

What's all the Buzz about Social Media Marketing?

June 27, 2009 $50 per person, free with a Downloads Now! site
OTR Studios, Belmont, CA
Workshop 1 10am- 1pm
Workshop 2 2pm- 5pm

Call for more information.

650 595 8475

RSVP required.

Do you get checks from your distributor that has a big ZERO on it?
Are you trying to earn a living on your art or craft?
Are you wondering how to take advantage of all the internet offers?

On June 27, we'll be offering a special workshop to help you evaluate your own use of Social Media Marketing
and how to make it work to your advantage.

Workshop focuses on

Personalizing your Marketing
and using Google Analytics to find your fans

This workshop is FREE to those who already own a Downloads Now! page.

If you don't have one....
During the month of June, we will be offering a special price of $250 for our full release page and include the workshop.
Downloads Now! is our proprietary CD Quality Download or High Resolution Download page customized for

your music, website, price, paypal account, and analytics

Here are some examples of pages we've done
Blue Coast Records
James Armstrong Music
Garett Brennan

Your fans can buy a Latte or they can buy a song from you!
Let them know you exist.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Congratulations to Ryan Andrews! One of our Interns!!!

One of our newer interns Ryan Andrews recently completed his first post-college project. A children's audio book titled "The Wonderful Adventures of Ozzie the Sea Otter". The CD was mastered here at OTR Studios with our own-- Tim Jones-- who oversaw the process. Both Ryan and everyone here at OTR are very excited to see this project come to fruition. It will be released and packaged alongside it's physical counterpart and will see nationwide distribution through Bookmasters and Atlas books.

Look for it at your nearest bookstore this summer!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

June Workshop at OTR -- Reach Out! Workshop -- Building your Internet Community

650 595 8475.

Along with our highly praised recording studios, we've added a new division at OTR Studios called Argo Arts (our website management and marketing division). Many of you have already taken advantage of our Dynomized Websites, Graphics and Marketing Consultation.

Certainly, these are changing times for everybody. And if you haven't noticed, the major record label system died. Retail stores no longer carry unlimited music titles. Tower Records is gone, Borders will be gone soon. Walmart carries the top 20 titles at $9.95. How can you have a career in a world that doesn't value music?

You can't hide behind your music anymore. They want YOU!

There is so much much on the internet, it's often confusing, time consuming and doesn't provide much return. Where are you going to spend your time? We've already done the investigations and are ready to provide useful information through our new workshop series.

Reach Out! Workshop -- Building your Internet Community
per person

If your confused about how to use all the Social Media Marketing available, we may have some answers!
We'll advise you how to turn your site from Static to Dynamic.
You can capture names and generate revenue from your website to your bank account. We'll show you how.

Reach Out! Workshop -- Building your Internet Community
June 27th, session 1 10am-1pm.. session 2 2pm-5pm

June 27th Workshop will focus on....
Google Analytics/Translator/Adsense
-- no cost tools you can use. If you don't know what these terms mean, you need to attend this class!
We will explain how to use analytics to expand your global reach.
We will show you techniques that could grow traffic to your site by as much as 500% per month. It's not that hard!

$50 per person, Limited class size, Maximum information
Early registration until May 31 $40
Location of workshop: OTR Studios
Bring notepad, pencil and your attention

If you purchase Downloads Now! Single ($150) before May 31,
youl can attend the workshop at no cost

Call for more information
650 595 8475

Friday, May 22, 2009

June Special.. Record Master Distribute! at OTR

650 595 8475 OTR Studios -- Analog Recording to Internet Audio
Music Production * Dynamic Websites * Global Distribution

Starting today, we are offering a Complete Recording Package that takes you from production to sales all in one....

Certainly, these are changing times for everybody. And if you haven't noticed, the major record label system has died. Retail stores no longer carry unlimited music titles. Tower Records is gone, Borders will be gone soon. Walmart carries the top 20 titles at $9.95. How can you have a career in a world that doesn't value music?

The first thing to do is put value BACK in your music and REACH OUT to your audience often! Whether you record at home as a hobby or have toured the world with 25 releases under your belt, everyone LOVES and DESERVES to get the best sound possible. That has value, even as an mp3. Next, attract your fans, engage them in conversation and respond to their desires. You will addict them to you.

Record, Master and Distribute Package $5000 New Easy Payment Plans!
$2000 in advance/ $1000 for 3 months
40 hours of recording time Analog or Digital
with our house engineer, rental of upto 4 reels of tape, mix to DSD digital
Full Mastering Package
eq, level and sequence upto 15 songs, archive music, error tested pmcd, unlimited changes, mp3 files and cd redbook standards
Downloads Now! Pro Package
CD Quality Downloads at your website, payments to your paypal account, 1 year of hosting and customer service, paypal shopping cart, up to 12 songs individually sold)
300 cds in a wallet or slimline case
Graphic design for the wallet/slim line and disc art
2 hours of Social Media Marketing Consultation or Reach Out Worksh0p

Pay before May 29, in full and receive a 10% discount... $4400

At OTR, we are a one stop shop for your career.
We want to invite you to visit our studios for a free 30 minute consultation on production and marketing to help you with your future as a musician.

Call us at 650 595 8475 to set up a meeting.

It all starts with the music. You want to take it to the next level. You want collaboration. You want professionalism.

Our 20 year history of production includes Grammy awards, Gold records, and a great reputation. Combined with vintage gear, proprietary systems, and skilled craftsmenship we are at the head of the class.

Record you band from scratch or bring in your digital home tracks for enhancement. We can get a better sound than you imagined possible.

We are now scheduling for July, August and into fall. It's not too early to think about a release!

To receive an EXTRA 5% discount, join our Facebook group under OTR Studios. You'll see instructions how to get your additional discount!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

OTR Studios Offers Dynamic Websites for Artists with High Rez Downloads at their Site!

Hey Friends! time to jump on board the High Rez boat! If you've got great sounding music, yoy might want to consider offering downloads directly at your site! And receive the payments from them directly to your paypal account.

Now, if you build a site, you may have figured out that it doesn't mean people will show up to your party! We can offer marketing consultation along with your new download site. We'll show you how to built it so the come!

Call us today at
650 595 8475