Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bay Area Audiophile Society Comes to OTR Sept 13

The Bay Area Audiophile Society (BAAS) brings it's members to OTR Studio on Sept 13 for two back to back workshops experimenting with microphone placement, Cookie Marenco, chief engineer and owner of OTR Studios, will be guiding and overseeing the sessions with flamenco guitarist, Jason McGuire, providing the live acoustic performance.

Bob Walters, president of BAAS, came up with the idea. We all feel that the audiophile community is a wonderful place to find people who love music and love their sound. OTR is excited to bring to demonstrate the mysteries of the recording studio.

At this time, both sessions are sold out, but if you're interested, please contact OTR to be on the waiting list. There's a good chance we'll be doing this more often!

Justin Saragueta... the next BIG THING???

We're happy to have Justin Saragueta choose OTR as his studio with Cookie Marenco his producer. Justin's fresh voice and thoughtful lyrics are going to wow audiences of all ages. Check back here for updates as we work on his new release!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Vinyl Sales UP 89% in 2008! Need to Press Vinyl?

Neilsen reports a worldwide resurgence in vinyl sales for 2008.

It's not just for audiophiles anymore! Twenty somethings are buying vinyl, punk bands are releasing it, dj's playing it, listening parties are back in style. Major artist are all releasing on vinyl and the best part is at retail.... NO RETURNS on retail sales... it's one way, as we say....

With our 20 and more years of experience, we can direct you to the right sources for graphics, printing, vinyl, distribution and how to price your vinyl. For regular recordings, suggested retail is ranging from $13-20 a unit. If you're releasing on 180 grams and come from a tape source (or high quality, uncompressed master) you can get $30-50 per album.

Give us a call!
650 595 8475
OTR Studios

Cookie Marenco 'n Rob Ickes Makin' Another One!

Yep, it's that time again when Rob Ickes gets the urge to make another sensational jazz dobro recording. This time, it's for his own label, Resorevolution Records. He brought Cookie Marenco out to Nashville to record in early August. Many of you remember Rob from his appearances with Blue Highway, sessions with Dolly Parton and Earl Scruggs, his own Rounder Records recordings and (of course) an artist on Blue Coast Records.

The recording features Rob on Dobro, Michael Alvey (piano) and RobinElla (on vocals). The music was played live in the studio and will have a unique 'jazz/country/swing' to it. Rob requested the tracks be laid to 2" to have the best sound possible.

Rob chose Wildwood Recording in Franklin, Tennessee to capture the performances being one of the few studios that has 2" tape, a great sounding grand piano and wonderful acoustics in the room. Cookie brought her arsenal of proprietary silver cable and Rob's 'special' mics to the session. She was assisted by facility owner, Brendan Harkin, a well known engineer/producer/musician in his own right.

Cookie will bring the tape back to OTR for the mixing. We're forward to the debut of this gem!