Thursday, February 28, 2008

OTR Studios News.. Final Cut Pro, adat/da88 transfers to Wav files

Hi friends, lots going on at OTR!

Call Patrick directly, if you'd like to know more. 650 759 1357

Do you need to transfer DA88 or ADAT files to wav? Wondering what's on those tapes from 10 years ago? Give us a call.

Our analog tape machine is still the foundation of our recording though with all our digital gear, we're able to transfer tracks to 44.1/48k wav files for use on nuendo or protools. We can also transfer to high resolution files, like DSD and 96K, if you need. For archiving your valuable masters, you might want to consider a backup.

We've installed Final Cut Pro for some video editing capabilities. We've been doing educational videos for EQ magazine and artist video demos in our studio. Alex DeGrassi was in a little while ago playing a 39 string harp guitar for a video and audio session.

Hope to hear from you all soon!

650 595 8475