Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Desmond Podcasts the WEIRD from OTR

Desmond Feher, our Internet Audio Specialist came up with the first in his series of podcasts.

Let's just say, we don't call it OUT THERE Recording for nothing.... Desmond has found the core of why we are engineers!

all these recordings came from the vaults of OTR. let us know what you think...

check out the 30 minute podcast... The Loose Mix...
the 60 minute version is more 'normal' for you light weights... The Tight Mix

if you can name one of the artists, you'll get an hour of free studio time.
if you name the song correctly, you'll get a second hour!

good until the end of April... In May we'll post the listings....

yahoo podcasts

pretty blue... i like it
podcast alley has alot more advertising crap, but works

podcast alley

far as we're aware, it doesn't appear you have to download some strange software for either.

If you want to know more about setting up your own podcasts for your website, contact Desmond at OTR Studios.
650 595 8475. He'll set you up!


.....................Blu Kube is never far away

Monday, April 03, 2006

Silver Cable tests against Mogami and WINS!

Dear Swammi Mack....
We tested the 60 foot pair of XLR cables you made from the Jean Marie Reynaud silver wire. It sounds incredible. LIke Kleenex was removed from the highs and the lows of the previous cable (which was Mogami.. not terribly shabby). Andy and Desmond were here to confirm how great it sounded. OUr reactions were immediate!

Next test is going to be against Monster's best... yep Beauty vs the Beast. I'll let you know how it goes.


Guitar Center has Manager training at OTR

On April 18, Guitar Center will have managers from their western California stores at OTR Studios. The purpose is for new product demostrations from IK Multimedia, Focusrite, and Blue Microphones.

Jose M. Blanco (Grillo to those of us who know him at the studio) put the event together. He is the Product Specialist for 9 Guitar Center stores
from Fresno, CA to Medford, OR.and is in charge of training the pro audio department teams.

IK Multimedia will host a public event demonstrating their new products at 7pm, April 18, at the Guitar Center on Van Ness in San Francisco. Representatives from OTR will be attending the event.

Grillo is a favorite around here having been a Blue Coast recording artist and incredibly talented flamenco singer.
We are grateful to him for thinking about us!

Hope to see you at Guitar Center!

OTR debuts the Showroom and Swap Shop

We’re always looking for new forms of entertainment and trying to rid
ourselves of some as well….

IN with the new, OUT with the old….

NEW! NHT has provided us with 3 sets of speakers.
From the top of
the line XD series to the M-OO’s (little powered monitors) and their
studio monitors. Must come hear and see!

OLD! We’re selling our practically brand new Genelec 1030A’s,
Self powered speakers about $4000 new. Very portable, the darlings of the industry for some time. OTR has NO MORE ROOM.

Call for bids or
details. 650 595 8475.