Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We Got a New Puppy!

Well, it's not really a 'puppy' but it's so small and cute, it sure SEEMS like a new puppy. Patrick bought a little tiny, blue computer from Acer, the Aspire. We named it BLUEONE... He got it at Christmas on a spending spree at Fry's. It was the 'runt' of the litter.....

Little Blue isn't paper trained yet. I don't think all of it's applications have been installed and it whimpers a little at night when he puts it to sleep and closes the lid. We hope you all come by and pet the puppy. Please, don't feed it scraps of your lunch.

The other computers are jealous of all the attention we give puppy.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Service Offer CD Quality Downloads on YOUR site to YOUR account!

Downloads Now!

Here's the basic template for the landing page to Downloads Now!

You choose ...
The price of the download...
What to download (cd quality or higher downloads, 1 or more files (not larger than 50 megs per file), videos, 1 song or whole album)
The colors and customization.. (add photos and logos to the page)
How often you want to add a song to the page...

Then, send the link with your newsletter/gig listings to
Your mailing list, myspace, facebook and make sure to have your webmaster link with a menu item on your webpage!

We customize the landing page,
Associate it with your paypal account,
Add the files each month (additional charge based on size of file),
Link back to your home website,
And host the audio for one year.

Here's an example of a simple Downloads Now! page

Why wait for the disc to be done when you can upload immediately...
This is a recent example of a full album

We have services for mastering to optimize audio for the internet (helpful for live concerts, home recordings, outtakes, etc),
Press release creation and submission,
Newsletter management and sending,
Creating new pages or a new website for your mailing list subscribers.

give a call if you have any questions...
650 595 8475

Sunday, September 21, 2008

BAAS Event a Huge Success

The sold out event at OTR Studios, put on by the Bay Area Audio Society, brought 40 curious audiophiles from their glorious home listening rooms to the recording studio where they got first hand experience in mic placement.

Flamenco guitarist, Jason McGuire, played while the group examine favorite micing techniques of Cookie Marenco, owner of OTR Studios and founder of Blue Coast Records. For optimum recording quality, the sessions were recorded to 2" tape. The group then went into the control room, with Jason positioned between the speakers for playback and live sound comparisons. A question and answer period followed.

Mixes of the 2 songs performed by Jason will be available soon at the BAAS website. OTR is looking forward to hosting more workshops and educational events in the near future. Check back often for details!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

BAAS Event for Sept 13 is SOLD OUT!

OTR Studios, Cookie Marenco and the Bay Area Audiophile Society is presenting a unique event with Jason McGuire, renown Flamenco Guitarist performing solo guitar pieces. The event will demonstrate various micing techniques and compare the same recording from different aspects of mic placement. BAAS will provide a hifi listening system to investigate how close the natural tone can be emulated through speakers. Attendents will be able to ask questions and try some unique combinations under Marenco's guidance.

The two sessions sold out quickly and it is anticipated more are to follow. Jason Victor Serinus will attend the first session on behalf of Stereophile magazine. Matthew Harper, senior editor at EQ magazine, will be video taping session two for the EQ website.

OTR Studios would like to thank Bob Walters for organizing, coordinating and promoting the event.

It looks to be a fun and informative day!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bay Area Audiophile Society Comes to OTR Sept 13

The Bay Area Audiophile Society (BAAS) brings it's members to OTR Studio on Sept 13 for two back to back workshops experimenting with microphone placement, Cookie Marenco, chief engineer and owner of OTR Studios, will be guiding and overseeing the sessions with flamenco guitarist, Jason McGuire, providing the live acoustic performance.

Bob Walters, president of BAAS, came up with the idea. We all feel that the audiophile community is a wonderful place to find people who love music and love their sound. OTR is excited to bring to demonstrate the mysteries of the recording studio.

At this time, both sessions are sold out, but if you're interested, please contact OTR to be on the waiting list. There's a good chance we'll be doing this more often!

Justin Saragueta... the next BIG THING???

We're happy to have Justin Saragueta choose OTR as his studio with Cookie Marenco his producer. Justin's fresh voice and thoughtful lyrics are going to wow audiences of all ages. Check back here for updates as we work on his new release!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Vinyl Sales UP 89% in 2008! Need to Press Vinyl?

Neilsen reports a worldwide resurgence in vinyl sales for 2008.

It's not just for audiophiles anymore! Twenty somethings are buying vinyl, punk bands are releasing it, dj's playing it, listening parties are back in style. Major artist are all releasing on vinyl and the best part is at retail.... NO RETURNS on retail sales... it's one way, as we say....

With our 20 and more years of experience, we can direct you to the right sources for graphics, printing, vinyl, distribution and how to price your vinyl. For regular recordings, suggested retail is ranging from $13-20 a unit. If you're releasing on 180 grams and come from a tape source (or high quality, uncompressed master) you can get $30-50 per album.

Give us a call!
650 595 8475
OTR Studios

Cookie Marenco 'n Rob Ickes Makin' Another One!

Yep, it's that time again when Rob Ickes gets the urge to make another sensational jazz dobro recording. This time, it's for his own label, Resorevolution Records. He brought Cookie Marenco out to Nashville to record in early August. Many of you remember Rob from his appearances with Blue Highway, sessions with Dolly Parton and Earl Scruggs, his own Rounder Records recordings and (of course) an artist on Blue Coast Records.

The recording features Rob on Dobro, Michael Alvey (piano) and RobinElla (on vocals). The music was played live in the studio and will have a unique 'jazz/country/swing' to it. Rob requested the tracks be laid to 2" to have the best sound possible.

Rob chose Wildwood Recording in Franklin, Tennessee to capture the performances being one of the few studios that has 2" tape, a great sounding grand piano and wonderful acoustics in the room. Cookie brought her arsenal of proprietary silver cable and Rob's 'special' mics to the session. She was assisted by facility owner, Brendan Harkin, a well known engineer/producer/musician in his own right.

Cookie will bring the tape back to OTR for the mixing. We're forward to the debut of this gem!

Monday, July 07, 2008

New Website with Enhanced Features and Services at OTR

We wanted to announce our new website at otrstudios.com and especially our CD Quality Download section. Once again, Patrick is doing a terrific job with website improvements. We hope to continually release full album downloads at our site of projects recorded at OTR or by me.

Most of you know that we're still recording on 2" tape or using DSD digital and the quality of sound is wonderful. Each month we'll feature a reissue or new recording from our OTR artists and hope you enjoy the experience. These are NOT mp3's or lossless FLAC. There are real wav files at 44.1 16bit. You can burn a cd and hear the mixes as the artist and producer intended.

Most of you know my feelings about mp3.... they have a place (usually in the trash after I've listened to the demo). Our downloadable wav files will open in Itunes, Windows Media, etc. No player required.

Our first featured artists are Jenna Maminna and Jane Selkye. Of course, the Blue Coast Collection is there to checkout also (if you haven't already). Click on the album cover and you'll get to a page to audition all the songs. The reissued albums from Jenna and Jane are two of my favorites. OTR Classic recordings and shouldn't be overlooked. If you are an artist who would like a CD quality download page on your site, tied into your paypal account, called us for details at the studio. Our expanded studio services now include website building and management. If you're an artist who has previously recorded at OTR and would like your album featured in an upcoming month, please call us for more details!

Each album has a comment section for fan thoughts or band memories of the session. Would love to have you comment if you were at the sessions! Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Abi Roberts' "Beached"

We're putting the finishing touches on a project for Abi Roberts (www.abiroberts.com), a very talented singer/comedian who has been touted as the "British Bette Midler". Selections from the recording will be included in her upcoming comedic short film "Beached" (www.beachedthemovie.com) as well as a full lenth album to be released later in the year.

The Film, shot entirely on location in Las Vegas, will feature covers of several Bette Midler favorites including From a Distance, Wind Beneath My Wings and Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. Her own songs, Turn Out the Lights and Gay Best Friend, are not to be missed!

Roberts' producer, musical director and keyboardist Eamonn Flynn, formerly of The Commitments, assembled a team of world class musicians for the recording including drummer Billy Johnson (Patti LaBelle, Maze, Santana), bassist Jamie Brewer (Michelle Shocked) and guitarist Todd Swenson. On backup vocals, we welcomed our friends, Larry Batiste, Jeannie Tracy and Claytoven Richardson along with many of the Big Bang Beat musicians. A surprise appearance from Dennis Crapass had the crew crying for mercy!

The music was recorded entirely to 2" analog tape by OTR's senior engineer (as well as owner and founder), Cookie Marenco. The level of performance combined with stellar sound will make this an audiophile favorite.

Miss Roberts' returned to Los Angeles on Tuesday for a round of stand-up comedy gigs. OTR will finish up the mastering in house, with Marenco overseeing the process. Patrick O'Connor will be using his graphic skill for the CD cover and digital downloads, all part of OTR's expanded services.

More to come!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Kim Baker Back at OTR

Kim Baker has returned to OTR to record tracks for an upcoming release. Once again teamed up with Cookie Marenco as engineer and producer, Kim uses her skills on the piano to lay down the basic tracks.

Monday, April 21, 2008

OTR Debuts New Website!

Hi Friends, a long time coming....
We've got a new streamlined website!
Check it out...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

OTR Studios News.. Final Cut Pro, adat/da88 transfers to Wav files

Hi friends, lots going on at OTR!

Call Patrick directly, if you'd like to know more. 650 759 1357

Do you need to transfer DA88 or ADAT files to wav? Wondering what's on those tapes from 10 years ago? Give us a call.

Our analog tape machine is still the foundation of our recording though with all our digital gear, we're able to transfer tracks to 44.1/48k wav files for use on nuendo or protools. We can also transfer to high resolution files, like DSD and 96K, if you need. For archiving your valuable masters, you might want to consider a backup.

We've installed Final Cut Pro for some video editing capabilities. We've been doing educational videos for EQ magazine and artist video demos in our studio. Alex DeGrassi was in a little while ago playing a 39 string harp guitar for a video and audio session.

Hope to hear from you all soon!

650 595 8475