Sunday, September 21, 2008

BAAS Event a Huge Success

The sold out event at OTR Studios, put on by the Bay Area Audio Society, brought 40 curious audiophiles from their glorious home listening rooms to the recording studio where they got first hand experience in mic placement.

Flamenco guitarist, Jason McGuire, played while the group examine favorite micing techniques of Cookie Marenco, owner of OTR Studios and founder of Blue Coast Records. For optimum recording quality, the sessions were recorded to 2" tape. The group then went into the control room, with Jason positioned between the speakers for playback and live sound comparisons. A question and answer period followed.

Mixes of the 2 songs performed by Jason will be available soon at the BAAS website. OTR is looking forward to hosting more workshops and educational events in the near future. Check back often for details!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

BAAS Event for Sept 13 is SOLD OUT!

OTR Studios, Cookie Marenco and the Bay Area Audiophile Society is presenting a unique event with Jason McGuire, renown Flamenco Guitarist performing solo guitar pieces. The event will demonstrate various micing techniques and compare the same recording from different aspects of mic placement. BAAS will provide a hifi listening system to investigate how close the natural tone can be emulated through speakers. Attendents will be able to ask questions and try some unique combinations under Marenco's guidance.

The two sessions sold out quickly and it is anticipated more are to follow. Jason Victor Serinus will attend the first session on behalf of Stereophile magazine. Matthew Harper, senior editor at EQ magazine, will be video taping session two for the EQ website.

OTR Studios would like to thank Bob Walters for organizing, coordinating and promoting the event.

It looks to be a fun and informative day!