Friday, March 12, 2010

Downloads NOW! Upgrades and Offers Full Length Song Preview and Single Song Purchase for Basic Setup

Tired of your music sounding like doggy doo doo on iTunes or Amazon?
Now, Sell your songs in 44.1/CDQuality or 96 24 High Rez files with Downloads NOW!
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Not Flac, not lossless, not zip compressed.  Full sized files.
Music tracks delivered with MAXIMUM sonic precision as you heard them in the studio.


Keith Greeninger and Dayan Kai, Make It Rain
The Valence Project
Houston Jones, Calico Heart
Jenna Mammina, Under the Influence

Forget what you read, quality counts.  Our 96kHz files outsell our CD Quality 20 to 1 !  

We've also seen that sales of singles encourages the full album purchase.  While full length discs don't sell as many numbers as singles, dollar for dollar, customers are spending the same.  All you need to do is send us the disc, we'll do the rest.

Looking for international exposure?  75% of our visitors are coming from outside the USA.  Through the Artist Connex module, you get exposure to new customers while your album rotates on every DN! page.

Capture those fans?  We can add a ReverbNation mailing list/ fan collector or other widgets to the DN! site.

Tired of no flexible pricing?  You set price.  Have a 9 minute song?  Make it $4, not $0.99

Our research shows that full length previews streaming at 192kbps SELL MORE SONGS!  Or, use it for high quality examples for your booking use.

Not Just Another Downloads Store! We help you Produce, Market and Sell your MUSIC!
Downloads NOW! pages can be expanded to a full functioning, dynamic website.  When you're ready, we can offer basic to comprehensive marketing services to help build your brand.

Downloads NOW! is a proprietary service from Argo Arts, a division of OTR Studios.
Argo Arts is a dynamic web design company with focus on the music industry.

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