Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Analog to Digital Restoration

A tried and true way to record to analog or restore your analog tapes to wave files.

Our first restoration project was using tapes from The Tubes performances from the mid 70’s. Ah, yes, that was a good year for tape. Kim Foscato, engineer for the Tubes, was there for the session as was Patrick O’Connor (OTR DigDude) and Felipe Neira (assistant for Kim and OTR). We made wav files on the MX2424 which proved to be reliable and sonically superior to other methods available. We downloaded to PC and transferred to DVD’s. From there, the wav files were transferred at producer, Al Cooper’s, studios to Nuendo Without a hitch.

Several bands have chosen to record basics to analog and take home the basic tracks. We now have incorporated a nearly seamless interface with the Otari MTR 90 and MX2424 system. We love recording to analog. This system offers flexibility to transfer to digital wave files easily.